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“I hadn’t really been aware of having hearing difficulties until about three years ago – actually my daughter noticed it more than me, because I had the television turned up so loud all the time. I was reluctant to have my hearing tested – it felt like conceding to old age – but as the Wyoming clinic was situated next door to my GP I decided to pop in.

I was impressed with the hi-tech equipment used in for the test and the professionalism of the staff. I had this preconceived idea that hearing aids were still these big, ugly clumpy things that made you look like an old man, but you can barely even see the ones they make these days. I have to admit I was really surprised at my test result. I knew I had hearing loss but really had no idea how severe it had become. We had the fitting and then I came back in for a bit of adjustment to get it tuned to my specific needs and I
really haven’t looked back. The first thing I noticed – that had been missing out on – was the sound of my own footsteps and the sound of birds outside the window. All those lovely, trebly sounds I’d been missing out on!

My daughter loves how it’s improved our communication. If I get up in the morning and forget to put my hearing aid in she’s always quick to remind me! It used to be that I couldn’t really follow a conversation unless I gave it my full attention and really concentrated – which became a bit of a strain. Now it’s more effortless. Rather than feeling old for wearing one – it’s given me a new lease on life. All of my social activities are that much more enjoyable now.” James Mansfield Clarke, 88, of Wyoming NSW

“My hearing problem is actually genetic, so I’ve been aware of having a problem for most of my life, but I didn’t have it tested properly until I just before I turned 50. I’ve been wearing hearing aids ever since. Over the past decade they weren’t really doing the job any more so eventually I stopped wearing them. Then I saw the ad in the paper inviting people along to Hearing Aid Services Australia for a free trial of the latest technology. Shaun was very thorough in explaining each category of aid and what they were capable of and made his recommendation. I’m not on the pension so I considered the best option for my hearing without thinking too much about cost. The difference between the latest technology and what I had been used to was remarkable.

The thing I noticed most of all is how much of communication I’d been missing out on, and how much it had caused me to withdraw. There’s no doubt that if you sustain hearing loss you sustain the suffering. It’s not about age – it’s all a state of mind. If you’re being more engaged with people and your surroundings it brings more enjoyment in life. That’s what keeps you young. I find I’m not just picking up more on conversations, I’m also picking up people’s tone of voice better and the different tones in music. I don’t watch TV but I do like to go to the cinema and now I don’t miss a single line of dialogue – which makes it a hell of a lot easier to follow the thread.

I’ve been back for some check-ups to work with Shaun to put in small adjustments here and there to make sure I get the absolute best out of this hearing aid. It’s reassuring to know that I’m being taken care of so well.” Ian McGregor, 69, of Chain Valley Bay, NSW


“I knew I’d been experiencing hearing loss for some time but it took me a while to acknowledge just how bad it was getting. I had some hearing tests over the years, but other health providers had lead me to believe that a hearing aid wouldn’t actually benefit my type of hearing loss. I tried a hearing unit about five or six years ago and it really didn’t help – so I had been putting off seeking further help for quite a while in the belief that there was no point. Then my wife saw an ad in the local paper – Hearing Aid Services Australia were offering a free trial of the latest technology. I figured it was worth another shot – maybe the newer technology might help.

My problem was particularly related to understanding what was being said. I had trouble with words that began with th, f, c, t and ph; especially on the phone.

The test was very straightforward. The staff couldn’t have been more relaxed and friendly. Christine recommended the Resound Verso 561. The difference with the new hearing aid was immediate and quite remarkable. On our first family car trip after having the aids fitted, I could hear the conversation coming from the back seat so clearly! We also went out for dinner with friends that first weekend and I was so happy to be able to pick up everything that was being said. I frankly hadn’t realised what I’d been missing out on. This experience was surprisingly positive all round.” Clive Brill, 58, of Tumbi Umbi, NSW.


“I first realized that I had a hearing problem some 10 years ago and two years later I received my first set of totally in the canal aids from another service provider. Since then I have had two more sets of hearing aids. After unsatisfactory visits to various different Central Coast audiologists I finally found Hearing Aid Services Australia – and I couldn’t get over the difference in service. This is a clinic that cares about my problems. These days I now have a pair of tiny Behind the Ear hearing aids which have been expertly adjusted to best suit my personal hearing requirements and I haven’t looked back.

HASA has taken far greater care of my specific requirements than any of the other hearing device providers I’d seen previously.

After a certain age our hearing changes constantly. It has been a refreshing change to deal with a hearing health provider that actually had their client’s best interest at heart and isn’t looking to push their own particular product brand.” Tony Simpson, East Gosford.


“Being able to hear again has made such a difference to my life! What I enjoy the most is clearly hearing my granddaughters’ voices. I can recommend Mr Shaun Slaven of Hearing Aid Services Australia to any person with hearing loss.

Thanks to his personal attention, expert and professional advice and excellent after-care service I am now able to hear and to fully participate in conversations for the first time in many years. Thank you Shaun and staff at Hearing Aid Services Australia!” Nicholas De Klerk, Green Point