Hearing Aids For Africa

We would like to thank the good people of the Central Coast who donated their old used hearing aids to our charitable cause.  We would like to update you and show what we did with them. If you have any old used hearing aids please donate them to this worthy cause! We will be going again next year.

Clinical Director of Hearing Aid Services Australia, Shaun Slaven, cleaned up and serviced the collected hearing aids and donated them to hearing-impaired children in his former home of Zimbabwe, in April of this year. He had no idea just how the plight of these kids would affect him and blossom into a labour of love.

In April, he set off for Zimbabwe with his young family in tow and a box of 90 hearing aids donated by Central Coast residents – and returned with mission.

“The idea was to meet up with Dr Chidziva, an ENT surgeon in Zimbabwe, who is dedicated to helping hearing impaired in rural areas and hand over the hearing aids, as well as volunteering my time at one of their hearing camps” – but when Shaun visited the special school Dr. Chidziva had personally set up for deaf and speech-impaired children at St Paul’s Mission and saw the conditions they were living and working in, he knew he had to do something more to help.

“The School itself consists of a few small buildings, containing the most basic of kitchen and dining facilities as well as a couple of makeshift dorm rooms containing shabby bedding for the kids and the staff. There is no hot water, minimal electricity and there is absolutely nothing in the way of recreational facilities. The kids were kicking around a ball that they’d made out of rolled up plastic bags and some tape.” I have since bought them a new real soccer ball to play with.

Statistically speaking, 90% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school. As it is, only 16 children attend this school due to the high unemployment rate.  As it happens, Dr Chidziva received his childhood education at the same mission which resulted in a scholarship in the UK – but he’s one of the lucky ones. He’s currently financing this school on his own.

Shaun is now sponsoring seven year old Emmanuel Bango (pic) and is hoping to raise money to enhance living conditions at the school. Shaun said he would like to construct an outdoor playground/sporting area for the kids to promote athletic co-ordination skills too.

“In spite of the conditions, the pupils and staff were a happy bunch. It certainly makes you realise how much we take for granted,” adds Shaun.

How YOU can help?

The potential is there to provide tuition for up to 50 kids. Not only do the fees make it prohibitive for many families to send their children there, but also the travel cost two and from the school is also out of the reach of many. The ideal situation would be to turn it into a more liveable boarding school. If you would like to help, please phone us on 43222282, or email us

Full board and lodging including tuition for a year costs $900.00 per child. You can help by donating any amount towards these children. For every dollar that you donate, Hearing Aid Services Australia will match your contribution!

How you can donate? Please call us on 4322 2282 or email to donate. See our website for locations near you:

We accept cheques, cash or credit cards and of course we are still collecting your old used hearing aids.