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The latest hearing aid technology available is the Alera series from ReSound.

For as long as I can remember, my clients have always said that they want to hear normally and feel natural when using their hearing aids. The day has finally arrived!

With 4 technology levels that suit different hearing lifestyles,  we have a model to suit your needs and budget. To find out which model suits your individual needs please feel free to contact us.

To find out, more information from ReSound about their hearing aids click here.

Learn about hearing aid features

This is one aspect of hearing aids that can confuse people especially when talking in “technical jargon”.

Why are some hearing aids more expensive than others?  Well, there must be a good reason.  The basic hearing aids are not as good as the more advanced hearing aids.

So what is the difference?  Call and speak to a consultant about each product range to find out a little bit more.

Australian Government Pensioners and Veterans are eligible to free basic technology hearing aids, but subsidies can be put towards better hearing technology if required. 

 From $500

 From $2495

From $3995 

 From $4995



Peace Of Mind Guarantee

To give you the confidence that the hearing aids you choose are right for you, we give you a 30 day Peace of Mind Guarantee. Terms and conditions will be explained in full at the consultation.

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